An Outdoors London Weekend

Outdoor London

There’s no greater feeling like the start of the weekend and with the weather picking up just in time, be sure to make the most of it by heading outdoors. From rooftop bars to outdoor cinemas, we’ve pulled together our guide to London’s top outdoor activities to make the most of the British summer this weekend.

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Sports Luxe: Refining Relaxation


Luxury Knit Vest Dress (170097-02)

The lines between athletic-wear and luxury fashion are becoming blurred and the product of this is Sports Luxe.

Sports Luxe is all about blending to make a creative balance. Although creativity plays a large role in the Sports Luxe trend, there are guidelines that should be followed. The general rule is to combine sports fabrics with fashion fabrics; for example pairing luxury dresses with trainers is not only allowed, but it is encouraged. However, it is crucial to not get carried away.

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What the colours you wear say about you

Digital Flower Silk - Cerise

Digital Flower Silk Scarf – Cerise

Ever wondered what the colours you wear can say about you? It’s well known of course that we use dressing as a form of personal expression, but it seems colour subconsciously plays a major role. Colour consultant Mary Ellen Lapp explains that ‘different clothing colours exude different feelings and meanings, and colours can affect – and reflect – your mood’.

Read on to see if your wardrobe colour scheme matches your personality- you might just be surprised at the meanings!

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What to do in Marylebone

James Lakeland in New Cavendish St.

James Lakeland, New Cavendish St.

The sun has FINALLY arrived, just in time for James’ End of May Pimms Extravaganza on Thursday in our Marylebone store. Pop down to celebrate with us all, we will be offering pre-sale prices and refreshments throughout the day … giving you the perfect excuse to prep your summer wardrobe for the months ahead.

Whilst in the area why not explore our top tips for what to do in Marylebone; from restaurants to haberdasheries … we’ve got you covered!

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What to wear to a summer wedding


Luxury Point Knit Dress (170079-02) £399.00

With the weather warming up and the “save the dates” starting to arrive, the joy of outfit planning can commence. The key is to choose an outfit which feels comfortable (whatever the English weather brings),  taking you from champagne on the lawn to pulling some serious shapes on the dance floor. But most crucially you do not want to be wearing the same outfit as several other guests, which is where we come in.

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